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Scraps and backgrounds

One of my favourite things to do is use up my scrap papers, and create some fun backgrounds. Here are some I have been working on lately. These are made from my big box of scraps. Super fun, quick, and easy to make, and I don’t feel so wasteful. Plus it’s really relaxing. Until next … More

Out of this world!

Todays craft obsession is outer space, or planets to be more specific. Yesterday I used distress inks with my Interplanetary stencil by Trinity Stamps to make a bunch of different planet colour ways, but in true Cheryl fashion I got stuck on the same pink, blue, and purple combos. Since I am also a numpty … More

Hello sweet void

It feels weird to start a blog, knowing that you aren’t really talking to anyone. So in order to settle my awkward beginnings, I’ll just talk to the void. Hello! I’m Cheryl, from Scotland, and I started this wee blog space to have somewhere to pop my creative endeavours. I spend most of my time … More

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